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When to do day trade?

When to do Intraday trade?


I have experienced that people after losing the money in trade used to enter the intraday or jobbing segment. Jobbing is the other name of the intraday trade. In earlier articles I have already explained what is intraday trade?And what are the types of intraday trade? Now the most important question I need to answer is when to do intraday trade?

We all will agree that all days are not trading days ,why? A day in which the trend is not clearly understood is considered as a bad day for the traders. 2nd case when the extreme volatility makes the market to oscillate between the negative and positive trading band.3rd case when price oscillate between a small trading bands keeping very less opportunity for the speculators.

In all these three cases it is difficult to trade and difficult to recognize that whether to do a trade or not.

I have devised a truly mathematical method which will make you inform whether to do an intraday trade or not on particular day. Though the complete procedure involve in this mathematical modeling I will not revel to you because of my commercial compulsion but I will provide you few simple to use methods.

With the help of am excel sheet you can program this above discussed point s to inform you whether to do a day trade at this moment or not. However to initiate a trade we have given enough stuff in our books and DVD course. However for successful intraday trade practice we will always advise you to do the swing trade as per Fibonacci or Gann or Elliot principle. Same time we will advise you to plan your trade and deploy maximum 30% of your tradable capital in one stretch for intraday trade. You must negotiate with the trade expense with your broker before starting your business. For high volume intraday trade use our “Beta decoupling method “ .