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How to do intraday and positional trade using 1SD formula?

intraday and positional trade using 1SD formula

How to find the hourly trend of stock , commodity or future ?

Using candle gap, it is easy to find the hourly trend of any financial instrument

Multiple bull or bear spread using 1SD

strategy is explained with not only strong mathematical logic behind but also proper back tested reports
Real time estimation of the below strategy you can do by using our option strategy software

Intraday GAV Technique

Most successful for mual to invest in the stocks is explained in this article

Day Trading Made Easy

Intraday trade is always has chance of loss
However Learning simple intraday trading tricks will make you a winner

Day trade using gann method

Simplest Procedure to day trading using W
Gann's Method is described

Day trade using fibonacci method

The simplest way of understanding the Fibonacci retracement method is to understand the fibonacci ratio

Day trade using elliot wave

simplest way to understand the elliot wave principle is to understand the wave structure

Day trade using technical

Engulfing candle pattern explained as-Two real candle body having opposed color where in the second candle totally engulfing the first candle

Introduction to decoupling method

In this method trader identify the indices, stocks those are showing opposite behavior and assuming this behavior will continue or vanish after some time in a day then took the position