Advanced Fibonacci, Elliot & Option course @ Rs.590

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Date: 5th Sat, 6th Sun, 12th Sat, 13th Sun October 2019.
Time: 9:00 a.m. To 10:00 a.m.(English)
Time: 11:00 a.m. To 12:00 p.m.(Hindi)

Important information:

1. Registration fee cannot be refund.please provide your whatsApp no and valid email id in the payment form.

2. Recording of the session will be provided to all the participants along with Excel sheet and PPT.

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Note:Post webinar excel sheet and PPT will be give in training whatsapp group.


I. 5 Advance Fibonacci concept

A. Difference between Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Growth retracement.

B. Difference between Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci Parallel projection.

C. How to use Fibonacci ratio with daily, monthly and yearly volatility?

D. Finding the Expected top, expected bottom and TREND change date using Fibonacci.

E. Use of Fibonacci Fan line in intraday trade.

F. How to use the Fibonacci ratios with the help of Excel sheet.

II. 4 Advance Elliot concepts

A. How to use Elliot Impulsive pattern.

B. How to use Corrective pattern.

C. Contracting and Expanding triangle in Elliot wave and how to use them in trading.

D. WXY pattern and how to trade using this pattern.

E. Fibonacci Ratio and Elliot wave relation and how to use the Wave analysis in most simplified way with the help of an EXCEL sheet.

III. 5 Advance Option Hedging concept

A. Pair trade using J-Alpha, Sharp ratio, correlation and Beta decoupling.

B. How to form Zero loss Option strategy?

C. 3 Most successful option strategy using based on volatility condition.


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