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Online Theory Session Dates & Timings:
Session 1(English) : 27th Feb 2020 - Sat, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 1(Hindi)     : 27th Feb 2020 - Sat, 11:15a.m To 12:15p.m

Session 2(English) : 28th Feb 2020 - Sun, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 2(Hindi)     : 28th Feb 2020 - Sun, 11:15a.m To 12:15p.m

Session 3(English) : 6th Mar 2020 - Sat, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 3(Hindi)     : 6th Mar 2020 - Sat, 11:15a.m To 12:15p.m

Session 4(English) : 13th Mar 2020 - Sat, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 4(Hindi)     : 13th Mar 2020 - Sat, 11:15a.m To 12:15p.m

Important :
1.If you failed to attend the program on 27th Feb 2021 then the Fee will neither be refunded nor be adjusted in any future program.
1. यदि आप 27th Feb 2021 को कार्यक्रम में भाग लेने में विफल रहते हैं तो शुल्क को वापस नहीं किया जाएगा और न ही भविष्य के कार्यक्रम में समायोजित किया जाएगा
3. The above schedule may change based on the future situation


1) Registration fee is not refundable.please provide your whatsApp no and valid email id in the payment form.

2) Immediately after registration you will be added to a training WhatsApp group.

3) Post webinar sessions excel sheet and PPT will be give in training whatsapp group.

4) Post webinar One month FREE option strategies entry & exit alert will be given in training whatsapp group.

Basics of Option trading(Session 1, 2 on 27th & 28th Feb '21)

1. What is a Call and put option?

2. How to decide when to buy a call and when to sell a call option?

3. How to Form basic arbitrage option strategy with future by looking at the IV (Mostly zero loss)?

4. How to form Calendar spared strategy?

5. How to form Box spread strategy?

6. Which is the option strategy does not require Option Greek study as well as the softwares?

7. How to form spread option strategy in weekly options?

8. Understanding 3 Basic option strategy, Pay off analysis, Net Greek analysis, Net IV analysis.

9. Three Technical study best suitable for Option strategy.

10. How to Identify Continuation of Rally or Correction Mathematically.

Advance Option trading(Session 3, 4 on 6th & 13th Mar '21)

1. How to form Delta neutral option strategy?

2. How to construct zero loss option strategy using Arbitrage approach.

3. How to form Theta and Vega neutral strategy?

4. How to form consistent gain option strategy with help of option Greeks?

5. How to form option strategy by looking at the Option GREEK and Option IV Arbitrage opportunity.

6. How to form Option strategy portfolio for monthly gain.

7. Five Best option strategy of Smart finance.


Who should join this program?

Traders having the interest to learn option strategy from basics and having necessary capital for the execution of the option strategy. This program will not benefit the Intraday traders.