Professional W.D. Gann course @ Rs 299 for stock market traders

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Video on November 2018 trend reversal date calculation using W.D. Gann

1A. Online(Hindi) : (67 out of 100 seats booked)
Date: 24th NOVEMBER 2018 (SATURDAY) Time: 5 TO 6:30 P.M.(EVENING)

1B. Online(English) : (100 out of 100 seats booked)
Date: 24th NOVEMBER 2018 (SATURDAY) Time: 10 TO 11:30 A.M.(MORNING)

How this 299-investment going to make you a professional trader?

A. You will learn 1 TREND REVERSAL date W.D. Gann Master time principle calculation having 70% Accuracy .

B. You will LEARN 3 intraday trading principle of W.D. Gann

C. You will get unrestricted access to our GANN CALCULATORs & APP

D. You will "how to use Gann square of 9 for short term investment decision "

10 Professional W.D. Gann technique course

It is a 2 phased programm w.d. gann Basic course and w.d. gann advance course

What you will learn in Gann study basics course ?

A. Converting number to degree.

B. Degree and time relationship.

C. Gann resistance and support calculation mathematical formula.

D. Gann formula to find the numbers in the same degree trend line.

E. Squaring and offset concept in Gann study.

F. Gann square of 9 principle and How to use it for investment and trade decision?

G. You will learn to use our FREE GANN CALCULATOR in effective way.


What you will learn in Gann study advance course ?

I. 3 Intraday trade principle

Intraday trade using Gann angle principle.

Intraday trade using Gann angle and daily Volatility.

Intraday using Midpoint technique.

II. 1 W.D gann Trend reversal date calculation method.

Trend reversal day calculation using price range and time square method.

How to use the trend reversal dates for your trading benefit ?

III. Short term investment decision using Gann price to price square method.


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