Webinar on Advanced Fibonacci Method course

6 Sessions, 6hrs duration(3 hrs English, 3 hrs Hindi)

Review of the traders , who have joined our Earlier Online course

Webinar Fee Rs.500 + gst = Rs.590

Registration closed : (112 out of 150 seats booked)

Online Sessions Date & Timing:
Session 1(English) : 9th Oct 2021 - Sat, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 1(Hindi)  : 9th Oct 2021 - Sat, 11:30a.m To 12:30p.m
Session 2(English) : 10th Oct 2021 - Sun, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 2(Hindi)  : 10th Oct 2021 - Sun, 11:30a.m To 12:30p.m
Session 3(English) : 16th Oct 2021 - Sat, 9:30a.m To 10:30a.m
Session 3(Hindi)  : 16th Oct 2021 - Sat, 11:30a.m To 12:30p.m

Note: Registration fee is not refundable. please provide your Telegram number and valid email id in the payment form

Important Note:

1.If you failed to attend the program on 9th Oct 2021 then the Fee will neither be refunded nor be adjusted in any future program.

1. यदि आप 9 अक्टूबर 2021 को कार्यक्रम में शामिल होने में विफल रहे तो शुल्क न तो वापस किया जाएगा और न ही भविष्य के किसी कार्यक्रम में समायोजित किया जाएगा

2. The above schedule may change based on the future situation


Topic details given below:

A. Understanding Fibonacci Ratio.


B. Use of Fibonacci Ratio for Intraday trend identification.


C. Use of Fibonacci Ratio for Investment decision.


D. Difference between Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Growth retracement.


E. Difference between Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci Parallel projection.


F. How to use Fibonacci ratio with daily, monthly and yearly volatility ?


G. Finding the Expected top, expected bottom and TREND change date using Fibonacci.


H. Use of Fibonacci Fan line in intraday trade.


1) Immediately after registration you will be added to a training Telegram Channel.

2) Post webinar sessions excel sheet and PPT will be given in training Telegram Channel.