February Webinar - 10 Best Intraday Trade Techniques @ Rs.590

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Webinar Fee Rs.590 - Registration will be closing on 18th Feb 2020!

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Online Theory Session Dates & Timings:
Session 1(English) : 22nd Feb 2020 - Sat, 9a.m To 10:15a.m
Session 1(Hindi)     : 22nd Feb 2020 - Sat, 11a.m To 12:15p.m

Session 2(English) : 23rd Feb 2020 - Sat, 9a.m To 10:15a.m
Session 2(Hindi)     : 23rd Feb 2020 - Sat, 11a.m To 12:15p.m

Session 3(English) : 29th Feb 2020 - Sun, 9a.m To 10:15a.m
Session 3(Hindi)     : 29th Feb 2020 - Sun, 11a.m To 12:15p.m

Important :
1. If you failed to attend the program on 22nd Feb 2020 then the Fee will neither be refunded nor be adjusted in any future program.
1. यदि आप 22nd Feb 2020 को कार्यक्रम में भाग लेने में विफल रहते हैं तो शुल्क को वापस नहीं किया जाएगा और न ही भविष्य के कार्यक्रम में समायोजित किया जाएगा


What you need to do to use these methods in your trade?

A. You need Maximum 2 hours of learning and 2 hours of practice for back testing ON THE EXCEL SHEET PROVIDED BY US.

B. You need to do one or two days of paper trade based on the methods learned by you.


10 Best Intraday Trade Techniques

A. 6 Mathematical Ways to understand “When to Do Intraday and When not to Do intraday?”

B. How to choose or select correct stock for intraday mathematically? (New Innovation 2020)

C. How to do your homework’s ready before starting your intraday trade? (New Innovation 2020)

D. Intraday trade using Volatility and Fibonacci retracement method (Technique-1)

E. Intraday using Index decoupling method (Technique-2)

F. Intraday using Moving Average + volatility (Technique-3)

G. Intraday using Gann Midpoint method (Technique-4)

H. Intraday using Sector decoupling method (Technique-5)

I. Intraday using Elliot wave technique (Technique-6)

J. Intraday using Monte Carlo Simulation (Technique-7) (New Innovation 2020)

K. Intraday using Bollinger Band and volatility (Technique-8)

L. Intraday using Fibonacci Fan line method (Technique-9)

M. Intraday using Modified Gann angle method (Technique-10) (New Innovation 2020)

N. Approach to follow while doing intraday trade in currency & commodity (New Innovation 2020)

O. How to do intraday trade in Range bound market, Uptrend market and down trend market?

P. How to real time intraday trend in 5 easy steps with simple mathematical calculations?(New Innovation 2020)


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