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Multiple bull or bear spread using 1SD

strategy is explained with not only strong mathematical logic behind but also proper back tested reports
Real time estimation of the below strategy you can do by using our option strategy software

Intraday GAV Technique

Most successful for mual to invest in the stocks is explained in this article

My experiment on gann method

trade in nifty future using the daily nifty future volatility

How to forecast trend reversal date using W.D. Gann study?

Our W D Gann course explains five different principle of time analysis

How to use 1SD level to form option strategy?

option strategy using 1sd levels

Covered call option strategy using 1SD formula

Cover call option strategy using 1sd levels

How to profit from the cross calendar option strategy?

When the trader initiates a long straddle or strangle in the current month along with a short strangle in near month it is known as cross calendar option strategy

What is swing trading?

It is a trade practice where in the trader tries to profit from market swings of a minimum of one day and maximum several weeks.