W.D. Gann Course + 34 Intraday Techniques

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What you are getting in W.D.Gann Course?

Gann Concept E-book & Video course of 40 hrs in English as well as Hindi (Domestic Buyers)

E-book Reader and Video Course Software (International Buyers)

Gann Course
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What you are getting in W.D.Gann Course? Gann Course Video Course Contents
Module 1: Basic Gann course

Gann Video Course 1: Important Gann formula:
A) Gann Price to Degree conversion
B) Degree to angle conversion
C) Numbers in same degree line
D) Offset calculation
E) Hexagon method P to D conversion
F) Numbers in same degree trend line
G) Seed no calculation for square of 9
H) square of 12 and square of 144 calculation.

Gann Video Course 2: Basic Gann forecasting using square principle:
A) Square of nine static and dynamic
B) Square of 12 static and dynamic
C) Squares of natural numbers to Tetrahedron
D) Harmonic cycle of planets
E) Different types of Gann square of nine.

Gann Video Course 3: Gann forecasting using squaring principle:
A) Price to price principle
B) Price range and time square principle
C) Long term PRICE TREND forecast using price to price principle
D) Short term PRICE TREND forecast using price to price principle
E) Long term trend changes date and short-term trend change date using this principle.

Gann Video Course 4: Intraday trend forecast methods:
A) Gann angle
B) Gann mid-point
C) Gann price trend turning points using the 6 square of 9 configuration.

Module 2: Graduate Gann course

Gann Video Course 5: Gann trend reversal date calculation:
A) SHORT TERM MONTHLY trend reversal date using Gann hexagon
B) Anniversary date
C) Price range and time square
D) Price and time square method.

Gann Video Course 6: Technical pattern using Gann method:
A) Validating double top and double bottom using Gann method
B) HS pattern validation using Gann method.

Gann Video Course 7: Master Time forecast:
A) How to time the market based on its past actions and future forecast
B) Price and time factor.

Gann Video Course 8: Long term price and time forecast:
A) Long term price and Time forecast using Hexagon
B) Tetrahedron
C) Square of 9.

Module 3: Master Gann course

Gann Video Course 9: Trend Forecast using the Universal constants:
A) Price trend forecast using Golden Mean (Phi)
B) Square root of 2
C) Square root of 10, e, and pi.
D) Astro basics.

Gann Video Course 10: Trend Forecast using Astro angle:
A) Astro angle
B) How to interpret Astro angle for price forecast.
C) Commodity price forecast using Astro angle.

Gann Video Course 11:
A) Gann Box
B) Gann square
C) Gann fan calculation and use.

Gann Video Course 12:
Different Gann methods using Volatility.

Gann Video Course 13:
Gann vibration number.


Module 4: 11 Best Intraday Trade Techniques

A. 6 Mathematical Ways to understand "When to Do Intraday and When not to Do intraday?"

B. How to choose or select correct stock for intraday mathematically?

C. How to do your homework’s ready before starting your intraday trade?

D. Intraday trade using Volatility and Fibonacci retracement method (Technique-1)

D.1. Intraday Top and bottom calculation using Volatility

D.2. Choose the correct strike option to buy or sell using volatility

D.3. Role of IV rank, IV percentile and Max pain in option trade

Module 4: 11 Best Intraday Trade Techniques

E. Intraday using Index decoupling method (Technique-2)

F. Intraday using Moving Average + volatility (Technique-3)

G. Intraday using Gann Midpoint method (Technique-4)

H. Intraday in future using delta hedge approach (Technique-5)

I. Intraday using Elliot wave technique (Technique-6)

J. Intraday using Monte Carlo Simulation (Technique-7)

Module 4: 11 Best Intraday Trade Techniques

K. Intraday using Bollinger Band and volatility (Technique-8)

K.1. ATR and ADX indicator role in trade decision

L. Intraday using Fibonacci Fan line method (Technique-9)

M. Intraday using Modified Gann angle method (Technique-10)

N. Intraday using Modified Gann Hexagon method (Technique-11)

O. How to real time intraday trend in 5 easy steps with simple mathematical calculations?

Which segment will this work?

  • Equity
  • Stock Future
  • Comodities (MCX)
  • Currency

1. Intraday trend forecast using Natural Universal Constant and Annual Volatility

2. Gann square of 144 Gann Mid point method explained

3. Predict future high & low timing using w. d. Gann principle

4. Learn best trend adentification procedure in 30 minute.

5. Learn W.D.Gann square of 9 and square of 12 technique for trend identification.

6. Learn W.D.Gann price range and time squareing method

7. Intraday trade using Gann angle method.