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1.What is beta decoupling technique?Go To Top Beta of stock X and Stock Y is 1.25 means if stock X move up by 1 % the stock Y will move up by 1.25% . Similarly if stock X fall by 1% the stock Y will fall by 1.25%. If this does not happen then decoupling will come into focus. For example if at any point of time X move up by 1% and Y move up only 0.75 then decoupling of -0.50 present in the stock Y. 2.What is the speciality of this method?Go To Top This is the only method which has the power to double your capital in a year time with complete protection of 95%. 3.Why to use this method?Go To Top This is will inform you well in advance which stock is over sold with respect to its pear company. Beta decoupling is the only parameter which will help you in understanding between 2 stocks which is oversold and which is overbought at a particular time in real time basis. 4.How successful this method is?Go To Top This method is highly successful and maintain average success ratio of more than 70%. 5.Benefits of beta decoupling method?Go To Top Beta decoupling is a pair trade method hence protects the capital in a great way. This method if it is used with the option, volatility analysis and correlation protect the capital by 95% and produce average earning more than 70% per annum. 6.Drawback or limitation of this method?Go To Top No1: Sometime the decoupling goes no expanding due to the fundamental factors of individual stocks. On those conditions this method lands in loss. Best way to avoid this kind of failure option hedge is recommended along with the beta decoupling and correlation analysis. No2: since it is a pair trade technique it produce very less return in low volatile pairs. Best way to avoid this problem to avoid the instrument which has less than 20% volatility. 7.How Iwill learn this method?Go To Top You can learn this method in detail from Mr Ranjan’s Future and option course which comes with beta decoupling automated software. Basic learning of this method you can get from the following link. 8.How much time one need to expert this method?Go To Top Sincere learning of few hours, Paper trade practice and back testing for few days will make you an expert in this technique. 9.Whether any software is available to do beta decoupling analysis and trade recommendation?Go To Top Yes smart finance has automated software for doing the beta decoupling analysis.