Check our Intraday option trade Software Intraday Option Calculator UserManual Intraday option calculator is the Unique Tool developed by Smart Finance for the 1st time in the world. This is one of the simplest and only tool available as of today for making trade intraday decision on options. This tool uses the following procedure for deriving the price of option and volatility. As a User you will provide following input
Current Market Price of a Script Option Strike –Whose price you want to predict for intraday. Current price at which the option is trading. Days left till expiry (It is the number of calendar days left in a month for expiry(i.e. the last Thursday of every month in Indian market)). Which Type of option you want to forecast(either Call or Put)
This application will tell you at which price you should buy the option with what stop loss and what will be their target for 4 levels. Below the 4 target level of the stock or index will be given for your reference. Each successive target of the option will happen if the underlying move to those target levels. Example: Say SBI is trading at 1820 in cash market ,current market price of 1800 strike call option is trading at 105 and 27th august 2009 is the date of settlement. I will enter the followings in the option calculator:
Current Market Price …..1820 Strike price …..1800 Current option price…..105 Taking  3rd  august 2009 as the date of my trading I will enter Time till expiry…..25( Total calendar trading days are 27- 2days lapsed ) Option Type I will choose……call  Then I will submit
I will get the following output
Call Option Buy-Stop loss-Targets are Buy At- 108.278 Stop loss-96.571 Target1-112.356 Target2-116.532 Target3-125.142 Target4-129.574
You must ask me when these Targets will come. Refer the last table you will find different targets of the script as per Gann method. When the script will touch the buy target1 the call option target1 will achieve. Same way when the script will touch the sell target1 the put option target1 will achieve. Benefit: the option intraday trading has less brokerage and only one side STT and has greater profit potentiality. After many Years of work ‘Newton Raptions method of interpolation’, using binomial option pricing model, Gann method I have developed this tool for the benefit of the intraday option traders. Your feed back and comments will make me to enhance this application. If you find any error then please put a mail to me in .