Dynamic Intraday Gann Angle

Enter Current-day High, Low, Market price and Daily Volatility
Resistance Price Support Price
Buy Price 0 Sell Price 0
Target-1 0 Target-1 0
Target-2 0 Target-2 0
Target-3 0 Target-3 0
Target-4 0 Target-4 0
Target-5 0 Target-5 0
Target-6 0 Target-6 0
Target-7 0 Target-7 0
Target-8 0 Target-8 0

How to make best use of above intraday trend finder Free W. D. Gann tool?

Before you start using calculator keep the following data ready.

A.Daily volatility: This must be derived from the past 10 days last trade price. If you don't have, then use our web calculator to calculate the daily volatility.

B. Current price, High and low for the day: This is the price you get it in your screen.

C.What is the Best time to use the tool? 15 min after the market open.

D. Can I find the next day trend from today’s closing? Yes, by using the day’s high, low and last trade price post market close along with the daily volatility you will get the trend level for the next day.

However, if the market open gap up or down, above the target 1 then do not trust the calculation rather re-calculate it.


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