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Why to use our intraday calculator?

Why to use our intraday calculators?

We have many reasons to justify our stand. Few important things we wish to list below to justify our stand.

  • a. Experience and blind believe are two different things. Some may say 90% of the recommendation given by them is true.At that point of time you don’t have any option, other than believing them. We market our methods,skills,innovations along with our call service. Hence these calculators are the only tool which gives the unlimited opportunity to experience it. No need to initiate a trade using this calculator just do some paper trade for couple of days and experience the power of these tools.

  • b. The second most important thing about our intraday tools is it is being devised to estimate the future based on the present data. Hence it is a forward indicator tool developed using the Gann angle method. However all your technical analysis tools are back word engineered.

  • c. You need just 10 to 15 minute of time to read the manual to use this tool. We do not force upon any buying string to use these tools. However only when you feel the need to enhance your knowledge for the better understanding of the stock market you can buy our academic product.

  • d. You would have experience many costly software for guiding you in the Endeavour of predicting the future but you must not have experienced the simplest device so far. We have used the complex mathematics of Gann angle to design these tools and presented you the simplest user interface.

Some of the testimonials we would like to present before you:

"I have got best success in option day trading using the intraday option calculator. The calculator informs me the stop loss for the option trade more precisely based on the step by step price movement of the underlying share or index..Rajesh, Mumbai"

"Now I am taking the best advantage of hedging the future with option using the option calculator in intraday basis. I earn more when market is more volatile..Muthu Kumar ,Chennai"

"In 30 years of my trading and investment career 1st time I have understood the Elliot wave application made 9 out of 10 successful decisions ...R.Krishnan, Chennai"

"I am not going to suspect the sincerity and devotion given by smart finance to develop these tools. It is wonderful and traders must recognize it as the most powerful and authentic calculators..Edwin,UK "

Why to use our intraday calculator?