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    What you will get in this product?

  • 1.Basics of Futures & Options.

  • 2.Two Option pricing model.

  • 3.Volatility & Implied Volatility.

  • 4.Put call priority ratio analysis.

  • 5.Open interest analysis.

  • 6.Understanding Option Greeks.

  • 7. Basics of risk management.

  • 8. Trend Analysis Before you initiates F&O Strategy.

  • 9.How price trend is calculated in GAV technique?

  • 10.What is a strategy?

  • 11. How to do performance evolution of strategy?

  • 12. How to do Stress test of the option strategy?

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    Net Credit Bull/Bear spread.

  • 1.Net Debit Bull/Bear spread.

  • 2.Net Credit/Debit calendar spread.

  • 3.Covered Call or Put with equal depth put long or call long

  • 4.Iron condor

  • 5.Butterfly

  • 6.Multiple covered call with future short and In the money call long.

  • 7.10 bull spread with future short & ‘in the money call option’ long.

  • 8. Selling a call and put option of same strike and forming multiple bull and bear spread in equal interval.

  • 9. Selling a call and put option of same strike and forming multiple 2/1 bull and bear spread in equal interval.

  • 10. Four conservative Strategy.

  • 11. Five strategy for 1st weeks of settlement.

  • 12. Five strategy for Mid weeks of settlement.

  • 13. Five Strategy for Bullish market with higher volatility.

  • 14.Five Strategy for Bearish market with Higher Volatility.

  • 15. Five Range bound market strategy.

  • 16. Identifying the bull market, bear market and range bound market using the mid point method.

  • 17. Identifying the volatility Market.

  • 18. Identifying the turning point for volatility crash or rise.

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5. All software installation related issues by dedicated support telephone number.

6.All buyers time to time given option strategy best suitable for market condition.