Option Strategy Software(Manual Edition)+ Brand new "Future & Option DVD course" Contact:09840348971 / 09841736980 / 044-64995823 for any query Launching offer @ Rs3000/-
What you will get in the product ?
A. One printed book.
B. 10 hours F&O course in English and Hindi.
C.Life time validity option strategy software.

    Salient features

  • i. Option strategy software Manual edition (life time validity)
  • ii. Future and option course Available in 2 languages (English & Hindi).
  • iii. Basics to very advanced concepts are covered.
  • iv. More expressive and interactive platform is used.
  • v. More than 30 simple to complex strategies explained.
  • vi. Each concept is followed by Indian Market example (from Dec 2014 to Feb 2015)
  • vii. More than 10 Hours of presentation by Mr. Ranjan
Launching price Rs3000/-
1 F&O Book
Dvd Content Details.

    Basic option course

  • (a). Basics of Futures & Options.
  • (b). Two Option pricing model.
  • (c). Volatility & Implied Volatility.
  • (d). Put call priority ratio analysis.
  • (e). Open interest analysis.
  • (f). Understanding Option Greeks.
  • (g). Basics of risk management.
  • (h). Trend Analysis Before you initiates F&O Strategy.

    Graduate course

  • 1. What is a strategy?
  • 2. How to do performance evolution of strategy?
  • 3. How to do Stress test of the option strategy?

    Basic option strategy

  • 1. Net Credit Bull/Bear spread.
  • 2. Net Debit Bull/Bear spread.
  • 3. Net Credit/Debit calendar spread.
  • 4. Covered Call or Put with equal depth put long or call long
  • 5. Iron condor
  • 6. Butterfly

    Hybrid option strategy

  • 1. Multiple covered call with future short and In the money call long.
  • 2. 10 bull spread with future short & ‘in the money call option’ long.
  • 3. Selling a call and put option of same strike and forming multiple bull and bear spread in equal interval.
  • 4. Selling a call and put option of same strike and forming multiple 2/1 bull and bear spread in equal interval.
  • 5. Four conservative Strategy.
  • 6. Five strategy for 1st weeks of settlement.
  • 7. Five strategy for Mid weeks of settlement.
  • 8. Five Strategy for Bullish market with higher volatility.
  • 9. Five Strategy for Bearish market with Higher Volatility.
  • 10. Five Range bound market strategy.
  • 11. Identifying the bull market, bear market and range bound market using the mid point method.
  • 12. Identifying the volatility Market.
  • 13. Identifying the turning point for volatility crash or rise.

    Master Option trading course

  • A. Trading portfolio design.
  • B. Beta Tested portfolios.
  • C. Portfolios with less than 1 lakhs capital.
  • D. Portfolios with >5 lakhs capital.
  • E. Twenty two F & O strategy for Indian Market.
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