W.D.Gann Course with 34 Intraday technique book + Real time software for equity,future,currency Rs4000 p.a.
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Where the software can be used ? W.D.Gann software is useful for intraday trade in future,currency and equity. This software also useful in making BTST decision. W.D.Gann software has a real time trend finder for intraday trader which will help to identify trend in real time basis in just click of mouse.

Package Cost: W.D.Gann method book with 34 intraday trading techniques + 3 DVD course on W.D.Gann technique + Intraday and investment decision making software Rs4000/- . Buyer need to pay Rs3500 per year towards the annual maintenance charge for the software. For other service charges visit following link . For any product query call(09840348971,09841736980,044-64995823). we have sales franchise in Mumbai.

1.Gann Software:This application has "12 W.D.Gann tools (six automated and six manual)".

A. Intraday calculator for index ,stock,currency ,future and commodity based on advanced multiple W.D.Gann principles. Fully automated for index future, stock, stock future and nse currency. Just select the stock code and click button. It will do all calculations automatically and give you the buy sell levels.

B. Gann square of nine static wheel for making short term investment decision on stock and commodity.

C. Square of nine dynamic wheel for intraday trading in stock and index ,intraday trading commodity and intraday trading in currency in low volatile market.

D. Square of 12 static wheel making short term investment decision on stock and commodity in high volatile market.

E. Square of 12 dynamic wheel for intraday trading in stock and index ,intraday trading commodity and intraday trading currency in high volatile market. No need to connect to internet.

F. Intraday trend finder automated select the stock code and click the button to get the trend analysis.

2.Gann Method Book:This is book has seven chapters discussing various Gann principles and its application in Indian market. It also includes 34 intraday trade techniques like beta decoupling, index decoupling and many more.ReadThe Gann Method Book partially to know more about Gann method

3.Three DVDs each duration 90 minute covering the below given topics.
What you are getting in the "Gann Course" and software in detail ?
Basic Course on Gann Method
A. Understanding Gann Square
of 9 and 12
B. Mathematics of Angle and Degrees
C. Number and angle relation
D. ime and Angle Relation
E. Understand the Gann wheel
F. Examples and practice lessons to complete the learning
Graduate Course on Gann Method
A. Gann Angle
B. Setting the Gann experiment to forecast price.
C.Understanding the price and Time factor
D. Master time principles
E. Price and time forecasting method.
F. Know when the Gann method of price and time forecasting will fail.
G. How Use Gann method for deriving investment and trade decision
H. Examples and practice lessons to complete the learning
Master's Course on Gann Method
A. Astronomy basics
B. Trend forecast using Astro angle.
C. Astro Angle and energy pockets
D. Forecast the commodity price spike and fall based on Astro angle.
E. Know when the Astro-analysis of price and time forecasting will fail
F. How to Use Gann method for commodity investment and commodity trading.
G. Examples and practice lessons to complete the learning
Learn Gann angle method
1. What is Gann angle?Go To Top It is a set of 11 trend lines drawn from a particular price point. The price point may be a pre occurred high or low or the current price of the instrument. 2. Where the Gann angle principle is used?Go To Top Gann angle principle is used for the intraday trade analysis and works with great perfection provided the volatility should be above 30% in annual term. 3. Why to use Gann angle principle for intraday trading? Go To Top This is the only principle which works on multiple trend line method and says how traders will behave at different price cross over points. 4. How much time is required to understand Gann angle method?Go To Top Careful observation of the video will help you to learn this technique in less than one hour. 5. How Gann angle method is different from the technical analysis?Go To Top Gann angle method does not do any past data analysis rather it project the future resistance, support price points from the trend line concept. Those trend lines are drawn at different geometrical angle with respect to X-axis. 6. Whether this principle is applicable for commodity and currency?Go To Top Yes this is applicable for the commodity and currency. 7. What is W.D.Gann Method?Go To Top W.D.Gann method is a price time analysis method of financial instruments especially for (equity, future, commodity and currency) where price is treated as number .In W.D.Gann method resistances and supports are calculated using the dynamic geometrical angle relationship. This is the only method which do not believe the past price action is only parameter for future price projection. This method also says something new on price and traders behavior .For example: if the price finds the resistance at 30 degree trend line then next resistance will be at 45 degree trend line. Hence it produces the trend indicator much before the price action takes place. 8. Why to use W.D.Gann Method in trading?Go To Top Many unique property of W.D.Gann method makes it special. W.D.Gann method gives the trade signal before the price happens in chart. It is only methods which never work on statistical facts. It is the only method which says how one trader will behave if price will touch X or Y. For example : if the 45 degree trend line price point is crossed either in the resistance or in support side then the trader will be more confident and with list possible time trader will take the price to 75 degree trend line price points. Same way if price oscillate between 15 degree and 30 degree price points majority of the traders will have less confidence and prefer not to trade in this band. 9. How successful this method is?Go To Top No method in financial instrument analysis is perfect and produces 100% success. However Gann principle produces average success above 70% . 10. How W.D.Gann course will help you?Go To Top This course will help to analyses the financial instrument s future price and time movement. 11. Where to use the software which comes with this course?Go To Top The software which comes with the course will be used for intraday trade, BTST trade in Equity, future, Index and currency. 12. Whether I will get a free course on any one of the W.D.Gann Principle to test this product?Go To Top Yes you will get many free courses from our web site under video link. 13. How to buy this W.D.Gann course and software and what is the Price? Go To Top You can buy this course online in this page or you can deposit cheque in our bank account for the same. 14. Where to get the demo of the W.D.Gann automated software?Go To Top You can get a paid demo for one month for the software only at Rs500. 15. How the product will get delivered to me?Go To Top The product will be delivered to you by speed post. However the software will be downloaded after getting the payment. 16. What is the post sales service offered by smart finance for this product?Go To Top All installation supports will be given by the smart finance. 17. How the W.D.Gann course and software offered by smart finance is different from other W.D.Gann course offered by other companies?Go To Top We have worked it with Indian market context. We have added many new concepts in the existing Gann principle. 18. What are the Improvements Smart finance brought in to the original W.D.Gann principle and why such improvement was necessary?Go To Top Science always changes with respect to the conditions and environment hence it was necessary to change some of the concept to fit the current day need.
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