Future, Option, Pair trade course and software

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Useful for option,equity,future,commodity and currency

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What you are getting in master course on technical analysis?

We assure you the day you decide and complete this course from the same day you will stop loosing money in F&O trade. Few sample technique we have given in the Free course

Where this software can be used?

This automated software will help you to make trade decision in

  • A. Intraday stock, index and currency option.
  • B. Positional stock, index option.
  • C. Pair trade in stock and index.
  • D. Option arbitrage in stock and index option.
This software developed using volatility concept, binomial option price model and Black and shoal model and also has an enhance option greek analyzer.

Full Package Includes

Master Key to futures and options book

"22 option trading trick" book


Option intraday, option positional and pair trade software.

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Topics covered

Basic course on futures and options

  • A. Basics of futures & options
  • B. Two option pricing model
  • C. Trend analysis before you initiate F&O strategy
  • D. Volatility & Implied volatility

Graduate Course on Futures and Options

  • A. Definition, Performance Evaluation, Stress Test of the Strategy.
  • B. Net Credit/Debit- Bull, Bear Spreads
  • C. Covered Call or Put with equal depth put long or call long, Iron condor strategy, Butterfly strategy, Covered call in one counter with future short and In the money call long in other counter, Bull spread with future short & "in the money call option" long, Selling a call and put option of same strike and forming multiple bull and bear spread in equal interval, Selling a call and put option of same strike and forming multiple 2/1 bull and bear spread in equal interval.
  • D. Five conservative Strategies, Five strategies for 1st week of settlement, five strategies for mid week of settlement, Five Strategies for Bullish market with higher volatility; Five Strategies for Bearish market with Higher Volatility, Five Range bound market strategies.
  • E. Identifying the bull market, bear market and range bound market using the mid point method.
  • F. Identifying the volatility Market.
  • G. Identifying the turning point for volatility crash or rise

Master's Course on Futures and Options

  • A. Trading portfolio design
  • B. Beta Tested portfolios
  • C. Portfolios with less than 1 lakhs capital
  • D. Portfolios with >5 lakhs capital
  • E. Twenty two F & O strategy for Indian Market
What you are getting in the "Master F&O " Course and its details?

  • 1. Future and option software
  • software is a fully automated software to do trade in intraday options, positional options and pair trade. The pair trade software feature in this software does the analysis of pair based on beta decoupling method (Beta decoupling is unique trading method invented by Mr. Ranjan CEO smart finance).

  • 2. Master Key to Futures & Options book
  • Book has 7 chapters discussing various F&O techniques and its application in Indian market. It also includes 22 option trade techniques and many more.

    You can read the limited preview of this book by clicking here
  • 3. 3 DVDs each duration 90 minute

Spend 1 hour to learn three best principle of option trading.
Future, Option, Pair trade course and software Price Rs7000/- For any product query call Ph: 9840348971 Buy using your netbanking, debit, credit card
1 year automated s/w @ Rs.7000
DVD + Book
1 Month Trial @ Rs.750
No Book
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