Fibonacci course

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What Includes in this product?
  • 1. Fibonacci method book
  • 2. 3 DVD Fibonacci course
  • 3. A software, having following features:
  • 3.a. Fibonacci retracement

    3.b. Fibonacci parallel projection

    3.c. Fibonacci cluster calculator software

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Course Contents
    Basic course on Fibonacci Method
  • A. Fibonacci number and its Importance.
  • B. Different Fibonacci Ratio.
  • C. Importance of Different Fibonacci ratio.
  • D. Importance of Fibonacci ratio for Financial Instruments .
  • E. Importance of Fibonacci ratio to analyse a price and time trend
  • F. How to take successful stock investment decision using Fibonacci method?
  • G. Examples and practice lessons to complete the learning.
    Graduate Course on Fibonacci Method
  • A. Understand the different types of Retracement.
  • B. Know when the retracement technique fails.
  • C. Fibonacci Expansion Ratios.
  • D. Know when and how the Expansion fails.
  • E. Fibonacci Matrix for successful trade forecasting.
  • F. How to use Fibonacci ratio differently for investment and trade decision.
  • G. Examples and practice lessons to complete the learning.
    Master Course on Fibonacci Method
  • A. Importance of Phi
  • B. Phi Ellipse
  • C. Fibonacci Fan tool for successful trade forecast.
  • D. Understanding the Fibonacci arc.
  • E. Advanced method to use Fibonacci method in Stock Market.
  • F. Advanced Method to Use Fibonacci method In currency Market.
  • G. Advanced method to Use Fibonacci method in Commodity Market.
  • H. Advanced methods to use Fibonacci method for stock investment.
  • I. Examples and practice lessons to complete the learning.
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