New GAV technique Intraday software and DVD course Contact:09840348971 / 09841736980 / 044-64995823 for any query Price Rs4000 summer cool offer price @Rs3000/-

    What you will get in this product?

  • i. One hour GAV intraday course Available in 2 languages (English & Hindi).
  • ii. W.D.Gann method book with 34 intraday technique
  • iii. GAV software for intraday trade (Equity, future, currency)
  • iv. More than 30 examples E-Book.
  • v. Each example (from March 2015)
  • vi. GAV software for commodity will be upgraded if technical fisibility allows.

Note : System minimum requirement.

Offer price Rs3000/-
1 Gann method book
Content Details.

    GAV course

  • (a). What is volatility ?
  • (b). How to calculate volatility ?
  • (c). Which volatility is useful for intraday trader ?
  • (d). What is Gann angle ?
  • (e). How volaitlity can be used with Gann angle ?
  • (f). Intraday trading rule as per volatility
  • (g). What is GAV technique?
  • (h). How GAV techniques work in different volatility condition?
  • (i). How price trend is calculated in GAV technique?
  • (j). How to use the GAV technique for Stock, Future, commodity and currency?
  • (k). How successful this technique is in trend and trade forecast?
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